We are not a kennel. Your pet stays at home in its own familiar surroundings, alliviating stresses caused by a kennel and cage while you're away.


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Welcome to Boone Pet Sitter. . .

Our goal at Boone Pet Sitter is to offer clients qualified, trustworthy, and a loving animal care service. The services we provide are by a responsible, experienced pet owning family.  While you are away for lifes callings, be asured, with Boone Pet Sitter your pets are in good hands. 

We offer a familiar show of love and kindness through healthy distractions which include exercise, play, proper care, physical inspections, and feedings. We will take as much time needed to ensure your pets safety until your return. 

We will offer a safe and loving companionship in their own familiar and comfortable environment while in our care. When pets know that their owners are gone, they cultivate a sense of stress and anxiety. As an owner of 2 dogs and 6 cats, at Boone Pet Sitter we know how your absense effects your best friends. We strive to keep your pet's stress to a minimum, as well as yours, until your return.

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